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    motorcycle accessories TAX-FREE shop

    When you come to Japan and buy something for motorcycle accessories, please visit tax-free shop NAPS.

    NAPS Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest motorcycle accessories shop in Japan!
    We have best selections and a lot of items, and look forward to your visit!
    Helmets of Arai, SHOEI, which are renowned in MotoGP.
    High quality riding jackets, gloves, and shoes of KOMINE, RS TAICHI, GOLDWIN, and others,
    leather wear of KADOYA, ALPINSTARS and others.
    Racing suits of HYOD, RS TAICHI and others. Brake Pad of Vesrah, RK, zcoo and others.
    These High quality equipments make you comfortable and safe when you ride!
    You can get for souvenirs, for yourself, or for your friends.
    Please choose great things in NAPS.

    NAPS TAX-FREE Shop lists

    About the Tax-free Program

    Point 1

    • You can purchase any item in shops free of 8% consumption tax under certain conditions.


    Point 2

    • You are eligible for tax-free shopping if you are a visitor with a temporarily stay status.


    Point 3

    • For tax-free shopping, you must present your passport.
      The shop will affix a purchase proof document to your passport which will be collected by Customs at the time of departure.

      Caution : Please do not remove or misplace the purchase proof document.


    TAX-FREE Conditions

    TAX-FREE Itemes

    Helmet sold in our company is complies to the safety requirements in Japan.Please note that this will not guarantee all international standards.

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    NAPS ADACHI(TOKYO) and NAPS FUKUOKA(FUKUOKA) are helmets, gloves, jackets, etc… we will be reserved to you for 10days.
    Please understand it's only have stock in our group.
    Ask to us for Form.
    Then when you purchase over the 30000JPY, we ship to your staying hotel or anyplace in Japan.
    Shipping fee is free!!
    Please asking us.

    Other Cautions

    1. You must take the tax-free goods out of Japan.
    2. Goods purchased for business or commercial purposes are not eligible for the tax-free program.
    3. Tax-free procedures will be processed at the shop where you purchase the goods and cannot be processed together with goods purchased in other shops.
    4. Tax-free procedures will be processed on the day you purchase the goods. Completing the tax-free procedure for goods purchased on a different day is not possible.

    Using Credit Card

    • The following credit cards can be used.
    • *There is no surcharge for Credit card purchases.
      *Installment payments not possible.
    • Using Credit Card